Friday, 12 January 2018

The Long Bus Ride of the Soul, and other Calamities

As my bus rolled up in the thick of today's snowstorm on the east edge of Brampton, I shook my open jacket to knock off the excess snow. Well, my Sony Xperia phone fell out of my jacket inside pocket, hit the ground, and slid about two meters on the slick ground.

Right under the arriving bus' tire. The tire was on its last rotation.I almost dove after it. That would have ended poorly.

The driver, hearing my concerns, drove the bus forward. "I'm not allowed to drive backwards, sorry," he said. In the slush, I found my phone, covered in mushy ice formed by a tire thread. At first, I looked like it might be okay, but as I removed the frozen debris, I found, well, you can see it in the picture. What bad luck! I laughed. A $250 phone just died, and I laughed. Some misfortunes you should just laugh at, lest you ruin your day further. So, I'm on my bus with my busted phone. I felt bored without it. The windows were streamed over, so I had nothing to watch. I pulled out my Chromebook (glad I didn't drop that!) and started writing. I have several choices of bus transfers to get home. I fatefully choose to switch buses at the new subway to the Orange Viva. It travels on a dedicated bus lane, which would be better in the intense snowbound traffic, and it would get me to a walkable distance of home, should I have the need to avoid a traffic accident. With dread, I realized I had 18 minutes to wait. So I waited. Then, with the bus about to arrive, the wait increased all the way back up to 20 minutes. Then, at 12 minutes, it went back up to 20! The Viva representative nearby made a call to figure this out and said that there was a detour and that the bus should be here soon. So I waited. The clock -- supposedly based on GPS -- counted down from 20 to the magically, much-awaited "DUE" and then reset to 20 minutes. I gave up. I took the subway to York University -- totally the wrong way -- and hooked up with the Viva Purple bus that got me to Richmond Hill Centre the long way around. Once there, I just missed my last bus on this crazy trip home and waited another 10 minutes. From there, it was a quick trip to Hillcrest Mall, where I went to Freedom Mobile to buy a new phone. Where are they? The mall corridor they were located in was closed for renovations. I wander the mall. I can't find them. I go outside to see if I can enter the corridor from the outside. No such luck. I asked the mall staff -- a revolutionary thought for a typical male. It's right over there, they say. Oops!
I find the obscure kiosk and buy a new phone. $400 with a protective case. It's white. See the picture! My old phone, with its last breath, jabs my thumb with a tiny piece of glass. Figures. I grabbed a coffee. I got home (four hours since leaving work), the coffee half drunk, and filled the rest with Irish cream. Don't judge me.

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