Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I Lost My Tablet

I lost my tablet on the bus.

I really don't know how. I've been working crazy hours, and I get forgetful when I'm tired. I really thought it was in my backpack. I reached in to get out my coffee container. I suppose the tablet fell out. I have hopes YRT will call me back with good news.

I said 'hopes', not 'high hopes'.

Now I'm working lots of overtime to just be able to perhaps afford a new one.

I really wish Old Randall would let me borrow the Eyes and let me type this out at home on my computer. But he never will.

He has started me on watching his parents' life unfold. His mother recorded everything, including some things I wish I never saw. I'm no good at writing erotica. It's just weird seeing his parents do it.

I'm not yet sure why they came to buy him from Baby Marttm rather than to just create one themselves.

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