Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Ongoing Battle of the Thumbs

My thumbs are sure to develop calluses soon.

I'm at best a part-time writer. I work full-time at the far end of a two-hour commute. My job is not in an office, it's in a warehouse tending automation. I'm usually up and down stairs and ladders for my whole shift. I often work overtime, and ride my bicycle home as there's no bus at three a.m. It's a 25 km ride. I'm home by 4:30. When the weather is poor, I still do the OT but wait until the first bus shows at 4:45. I'm home by six, then. I get up around eleven and, well, do it again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

On my days off -- not the weekend, dammit! -- I split time between visiting my kids and getting reacquainted with my spouse. Catching up on my PVR figures prominently in there too.

So, when do I write?

I stick my bike in the bike rack on the bus, and rip a few paragraphs as I commute. I have an older Samsung tablet and pound Randall's life out with my thumbs into Google docs.

I get a little done during my breaks.

Even less at home.

This is less than ideal. My first effort at any sentence results in bizarre auto-correct gobbledygook. The space bar is too close to the Android window-the-apps function button. I hit that often and experience far too many WTF? moments. Moving the cursor to points to edit requires glacial focus. Google Docs has weird quirks on my tablet leaving me, at times, with very little work space unless I reload the document. I've considered pen and paper, but, you know what? I write better this way, even with the bullshit.

All this to bring you a free book.

I thought I'd be done drafting the first book by now. I'm only ten per cent there.

Which is why I rarely update this blog. I'm always in creative triage.

Anyway, back to the devolution of the modern nation state...

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