Sunday, 25 February 2018

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Must Read: The PC Party of Ontario Tire Fire Burns Higher and Higher

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario. This is what a party in meltdown mode looks like.

There are a lot of new developments here. In short: Patrick Brown is accused of financial impropriety by Randy Hillier, the Party knew of membership frauds since last summer, Hillier threatens one of the people who worked on discovering it, and Vic Fedeli, the interim leader, is about to be accused of sexual harassment.


Yes, we all know that Patrick Brown has proclaimed himself cleared (WTF!) and is running for leader in the leadership race called to replace himself. In of itself, Brown's preoccupation with himself is turning the Party into a raging tire fire.

(Full disclosure: I am a member of the PCPO.)

Adding to the blaze, MPP Randy Hillier posted this today, accusing former leader and alleged creep Patrick Brown of financial impropriety:

My statement why is unfit to be a member of the PC caucus, the leader of the PC Party, or the Premier of Ontario

(I am not endorsing or agreeing with anything Hillier is saying here.)

Hillier really does not like Brown. If his name sounds extras familiar, it's because he's defending a complaint from PC candidate Goldie Ghamari.

Hillier is not a Brown supporter. Ghamari definitely is:

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Patrick Brown is officially a Candidate for . My family and I couldn't be happier. Vote for him by becoming a member today. The deadline is tonight at 11:59 pm.

Ghamari's complaint about Hillier came out just after Brown had to step down. I'm not accusing anyone of lying here. But, wow, this is starting to resemble tit for tat.

Then, there's this Twitter thread:
The Monster in DoFo Mom's BasementTweet text

So, the fake memberships have been known since last Summer? And one of the people (Derrick) who worked on it is being threatened by Hillier? Yet Hillier is relying on his work?

Oh, yeah. Vic Fedeli, the party's interim leader, is about to land in a hot bowl of sexual harassment soup:

BREAKING NEWS: I was just emailed this letter and an as-of-yet-unreleased press release detailing accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment against PC interim leader, Vic Fedeli.

On a normal day, I would have led with this. (I cannot verify the veracity of this document.)

Hey fellow Party members! Getting nostalgic for the John Tory or Tim Hudak days?

And I thought the only crazy we were going to see in this election race was Doug Ford.